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Transformational Programs

Alongside with the Executive Coaching programs that exclusively involve this modality, other programs that incorporate coaching as one of the support methodologies can be developed to obtain faster, more effective and everlasting results in processes of change and organizational transformation.

Top Management Support Program

Diagnostic tools that lead leaders to get to know each other better and to take a fresh look at the others may wash away much of the existing toxicity. There are no good or bad profiles. There are just different profiles.

The coach may be asked to be present at meetings and group dynamics to give a global feedback to the team and to each of the participants. This aspect can act as an accelerator of the awareness from an outside view.

In these programs, coaching is performed at two levels:

  • in Team Coaching, the team defines the way how to function. That vision starts to take shape through the sharing of situations and events that require reflection and alignment with the vision;
  • in Individual Coaching, each of the elements focuses on the most challenging aspects to reach the goal that he/she had set in the team and defines goals and results, focused on his/her individual development.

Competencies Development Program

Vocational training provides resources and knowledge. When being simultaneously supported by a coaching program, the metabolization of that knowledge is accelerated and converted into immediate application, turning knowledge into results.

The implementation of workshops or thematic trainings in the areas of competence in which the needs have been identified may fill in information gaps, knowledge or induce a higher diversity of options.

In these programs, coaching is done with each individual, in addition to the group sessions:

  • in Individual Coaching, the employee identifies the focus areas within the framework of the program’s goals. While integrating the knowledges that are acquired in training, the coachee strives to turn his vision into reality, counting on the support of the Individual Coaching;
  • in the Group Coaching sessions, the participants share learnings resulting from the training, discoveries made during Individual Coaching and also goals that have not yet been achieved.

Change Management Program

Companies engage in coaching programs to accelerate results and to obtain more effective levels of performance in changing contexts. The alignment generates synergies and is at the base of the high-performance teams’ formula (1 + 1 = 3). It is a work totally directed to the goals that the company/management team/executive aim to achieve.

Coaching Skills Program for Leaders

These programs aim to foster a coaching culture within the organization, where the leaders themselves become their teams’ coaches. The benefits with more impact are:

  • to promote confidence on the potential and capacities of everyone to overcome themselves;
  • to promote a learning culture;
  • to manage and use information and knowledge to benefit the company’s global performance;
  • to make the communication more fluid, effective and able to generate energy and motivation;
  • to increase the quality of listening and to encourage the news to be welcomed with curiosity and interest.

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