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Other Books

Como Chegar a Líder

How to Become a Leader

2017, Coord. Isabel Canha and Maria Serina, RedCherry

Aida Chamiça is among the co-authors invited to participate in this guide for those who aspire to build a successful career. She participates with the chapter 7 tips to deal with lack of self-confidence.

Ferramentas de Team Coaching

Team Coaching Tools

Special participation
2017, Ana Teresa Penim and João Alberto Catalão, LIDEL

Part of a collection of coaching resources, the book features Team Coaching tools and includes contributions from a number of international experts, including Aida Chamiça.

Coaching: Ir Mais Longe Cá Dentro

Coaching: Go Far Within

2016, International Coach Federation Portugal

The commemorative book of the ICF Portugal’s 10th anniversary was written by 24 professional coaches. Aida Chamiça is one of the co-authors, with a chapter dedicated to Integrating Coaching into Corporate Programs.

Révélez Vos Talents

Reveal Your Talents

2013, Christopher James et al., Liaisons

Aida Chamiça was interviewed for this book that compares more than 40 self-assessment tools, directed mainly to the talent development in organizations professionals, in order to present each one of the tools.