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The human being has much more potential, resources and wisdom than shows in «automatic mode».

Accessing to that potential and starting the process of ascending to the next level is a choice that you can make now. The next level is unique for each person. It means transcending oneself, pushing limits and overcoming the goals already achieved in order to go beyond. We are experts in activating potential through executive coaching for top managers.



Executive Coaching

The Executive Coaching Programs we carry out happen with all the elements of the Top Management Team – or even the Extended Executive Team –, providing a transformation space, whose results can be increased through Group Coaching and generate synergistic effects through Team Coaching.


Coaching Supervision

Coaching Supervision consists on the co-creation of a coach reflection space about him/herself and his/her practice, on an ongoing basis. In more mature markets, the client wants to know what certification the coach has, if he/she is under supervision and who is his/her supervisor. We offer individual and group Supervision Coaching Programs for coaches certified by the ICF or in certification process.