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Ethics is a fundamental aspect of coaching, namely in matters of confidentiality and deep respect for the client in coaching.

In coaching, the respect for the coachee is an essential aspect, respect for his/her reference framework, choices and decisions, challenging his/her reasoning or options, insofar as they collide with the goals set by the coachee and only with the purpose of generating awareness of the impacts of those decisions, test his/her robustness and alignment with what the client defined as his/her goals.

The feedback the coach gives in each moment is authentic and it is in that authenticity that the trust and the transforming power of the safe space co-created with the client grow.

Coaching is not yet a regulated activity, however, given the sensitivity of the information that is accessible and also because of the degree of exposure and openness it involves, confidentiality and ethics are fundamental aspects. Our team fully subscribes the Code of Ethics of the International Coach Federation, which covers aspects such as conflict of interests, professional conduct, confidentiality and privacy, and continuous development.