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Break Heaven

2017, Editora RH

The first book written by Aida Chamiça is a reflection on a set of obstacles and difficulties that are common in leadership, seeing them, as in a game, as challenges to overcome, rather than sources of frustration.

Break Heaven is a concept that plays with that expression of the business world and reflects her vision about the development of people: we can always go further and overcome ourselves.

With this book, Aida Chamiça proposes to inspire the readers to go further. More than reaching the minimums, she challenges them to reach the maximums. To achieve what they dreamed or aspired in the stage of life in which they are. This book follows the course of an executive throughout his journey, with the concerns that potentially arise in each new stage and at each new transformation.

An open attitude, curiosity and a beginner’s spirit is all you need to get the most out of this book. Curiosity and the exploratory spirit are fundamental to achieve it. The attachment to what you know, to what you acknowledge, to what you master, are your biggest hindrances: as if you wanted to get out of the car without unfastening the seat belt.

The structure of the book

In addition to the central content, each chapter has a set of sections marked with an icon:

  • content in which Aida Chamiça shares the knowledges she has been acquiring, based on her training and professional experience;
  • the chameleon invites the reader to wear the other’s skin and to gain peripheral vision in the real cases. These stories, inspired by the author’s professional activity, share the initial challenge of the client in Executive Coaching and the way adversity was overcome or the potential to successfully achieve the goals was mobilized;
  • the butterfly, which symbolizes the transformation, marks the proposals for practical exercises of self-knowledge and reflection of the reader that will allow to identify the areas he/she needs to develop. Awareness triggers by itself a kind of self-regulation of the system, which becomes even more intense when it triggers structuring decisions or an action plan of immediate implementation;
  • the owl brings along the wisdom and inspiration from tales or stories that, metaphorically, illustrate the explicit content, connect the reader with the magical thinking and the unconscious, and generate emotions and insights with an immense transforming power.

On every chapters, you will find books related to the theme in footnotes or throughout the text, in case you want a deeper understanding or to enrich your personal library with books that you may read or consult at other times.