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We take pride in activating the potential of many managers and leaders of our country

We are a company specialized in Executive Coaching for top managers, supporting leaders since 2003 through the activation of their potential, in total respect for their values, choices and decisions, and in total alignment with their goals and objectives.

We work exclusively with corporate clients or private clients in top management functions.

We like to perceive our clients as olympic athletes, full of talent, resources and wisdom, put at the service of the foreseen goals. And that is how things have been happening! And often, a client who attends an Executive Coaching cycle re-hires us later with new goals and objectives.

We are an organic company, with no in-house team, and great flexibility and agility to respond to our customers’ requests.

We work in an area of great sensitivity that requires qualified coaching professionals who are strongly committed to giving their best, certified by a reputable entity, committed to a strong code of ethics, familiar with business environments and with experience in management functions.

Our high commitment to excellence leads us to invest annually a percentage of the profits obtained in trainings and updates to allow us to honor this commitment to our clients.

About Aida Chamiça

She develops her professional activity in the corporate world (multinational companies and also some national), coaching top managers and top management teams. She started the coaching activity in 2003, when it was still emerging in Portugal and was starting the first steps.

Aida Chamiça was training director in Coaching at the International Coaching Academy, certified by ICF, and co-trainer at the first Executive Coaching institution certified by ICF in Portugal.

She completed the Masterful Coaching Program at the College of Executive Coaching (California, USA) and, throughout her entire career as executive coach, she has been getting training in new approaches and updates in mature markets such as USA, England, France, Belgium and Spain.

The choice of never stopping to learn new methodologies allows her to continuously refine her own intervention model, which integrates these learnings and also her personal experience on the business world.

With a solid professional career in management consulting (she was Senior Manager at Accenture until 2003) and in the leadership development area, she also had previous training in the humanistic area (graduation in Modern Languages and Literatures).

She believes that shifting the point of observation changes the energy and the motivation for change and that each challenge is an opportunity to broaden the potential and to create new resources.


First Portuguese coach to obtain, in 2012, the MCC (Master Certified Coach) certification by the International Coach Federation (ICF – is the most relevant worldwide certifying entity with around 35 000 members, of which only around 3% are MCC). Currently, Aida Chamiça has over 5000 hours of Executive Coaching.

The requirements for MCC certification include, at least, 2500 hours of coaching practice, certified coaching formation at the ACTP (Accredited Coach Training Program) level, having at least two MCC letters of recommendation and to demonstrate a proficiency at Master level in the 11 key coaching skills in two coaching practice exams with an international jury.